"I have had the pleasure of working with Laura for the past eighteen months. She is warm, encouraging and tough, recognising that every client is different and the same 'one size fits all' approach doesn't work for everyone.
Laura's knowledge regarding exercise, nutrition as well as anatomy is excellent as she takes time to understand your concerns and advise thoroughly. Most importantly, Laura makes each session fun and challenging, so much so that I always look forward to our time together as my endurance, strength and confidence in my athletic ability has improved immensely. Laura, I cannot thank you enough for helping me realise athletic ambitions I never believed were possible."

Fiona, Caversham, Berkshire
"Laura provided me with support and guidance throughout my pregnancy. By about 20 weeks I was struggling with hip and back pain but wanted to try and maintain my fitness for as long as possible. Laura worked with me to make subtle, tailored tweaks to my existing fitness routines to relieve pain. The changes Laura advised on meant that I could sustain a level of fitness I felt happy and comfortable with enabling me to decide when I wanted to stop working out, I was really pleased to make it to 33 weeks. I'm really looking forward to getting Laura's help to regain my post-baby fitness back!"
Becca, Yateley, Hampshire 
"Laura took me from a reluctant (grumpy at times) unfit, non gym goer to someone who enjoys getting fit and achieving health and fitness goals.
I was nervous when I first started so it was important for me to be trained by a female, who I could relate to and who had achieved her own weight loss and fitness goals. There were times that Laura needed to kick my butt when I started losing interest and enthusiasm which is exactly what I needed!!
Laura saw exactly what I needed right from the beginning. With a very individual training plan I was able to increase my fitness and run 5 miles. 
Laura is patient, fun, motivating, clearly loves her job and feels passionate about health and fitness. I can't recommend her enough." 
Claire, Reading, Berkshire
"I discovered for myself some 15+ years ago the good things that happen in your family and work life when you get yourself fitter and enjoy your sport. The transformation that Laura has achieved for herself – through healthy eating and exercise – is nothing short of amazing. Her positivity is infectious as she describes the next goals that she wants to master, plus she is resilient to overcome the obstacles in the way. And now through her run coaching and her personal training she can help you achieve good things in your life. Go take that next step."
Paul, Wokingham, Berkshire.

"I would highly recommend Laura.  She has been my personal trainer for about 6 months now and I thoroughly enjoy my sessions. They act as the foundation to my exercise each week and have a very positive impact on me both physically and mentally. Some of my sessions are running based – a mixture of runs, sprints, hill sprints etc.. Some of my sessions are interval training which Laura manages to vary in terms of timings and exercises so no two sessions are the same - they are all challenging and all fun.  Laura is encouraging and positive which also helps me to push myself more with my own efforts between our sessions.  Laura is good fun – we always have a chat and a laugh while she pushes me to the limits of my capability (although she also does amend her sessions if I’m recovering from an illness!)  Thank you!"
Kathryn, Caversham, Reading
"Laura is my first personal trainer and she has been great. Each session is fun (I have been surprised that I actually look forward to them)!
That's not to say they've been easy, she is tough but each v session is different, so there's no chance of getting bored and she's taught me a lot about my swiftness and diet choices.
I would highly recommend Laura to anyone, especially if you're a newbie to fitness and a little worried you might make a fool of yourself!"
Michelle, Reading , Berkshire
"Laura helped me maintain my fitness during my pregnancy, so as soon as I was able to after a caesarean, I was desperate to get back to that "good ache".
Every session I do with Laura is different, she has quite an array of torture weapons and what I like most is that she listens to what I wanted to work on and tailors every workout to that.
I now have stronger shoulders and a better core and I am in better shape than before I had my baby.
Thank you Laura, for putting me through my paces, making me smile every session and pushing me even when I don't feel like it!
Becca, Yately, Hampshire 
"Laura is brilliant. She listened to what I wanted to achieve and took into account the injuries that were keeping me from running. The plans that she devised for me are spot on, varied and hard enough to be enjoyable. "
James, Woodley, Reading
"After I had my baby I really struggled and hated my body.
Laura helped me  feel strong again and get my confidence back."
Hollie, Caversham, Berkshire

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